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You can make an account so that a username is shown beside the changes you make. A username is a way of telling who is writing something. This helps people to communicate and to keep records. You can have a user page with the title of your username, and also a talk page, where people can leave you messages.

Usernames give people an idea of what this wiki is like. Usernames change what people think about other people and how they treat each other. We try to include everyone and be neutral. We try to be helpful to each other. We are writing a serious encyclopedia and usernames should not stop us. Names that are hateful, or that are made to shock people or show a strong view stop these goals.

Your username does not have to be your real name, although some people think it is best to do this. Please use common sense when you choose your username. Remember to avoid using e-mail addresses as your username unless if you want a huge amount of spam!

Offensive names policy[edit | hide | hide all]

The name must not try to offend or upset anyone. Remember that other people editing here are from different places and they may be upset by different things. Here are ways to avoid offending people:

  • Do not use the name of a political, military or religious figure or event (including real people). (Examples: "Jewish man")
  • Do not choose something that might be offensive. Your user name should not suggest that you hold any particular political, religious or other belief.
  • Do not use a name similar to another user. (Example: Wikiedit0r if an user is named Wikieditor exists)
  • People should be able to think things about you just based on your contributions, not on what they think about your name.
  • Usernames that offend other people might make people not want to contribute to the About PCs Wiki. That also distracts people from what they are meant to be doing - writing an wiki about PCs!
  • Some names do not offend people, but they show a strong view or are very religious. These names are discouraged but less seriously than names that offend people.
  • Names that have the word "bot" will confuse you with bots. It is not offending, but it is confusing to the community and is not allowed.
  • If someone complains about your user name, please think about changing it. If lots of people complain, you will have to change it.
  • Do not create usernames with offensive or sexual names - as this wiki is for all ages.
  • Do not create or use promotional usernames, such as the name of a company.

Any username that violates any of those policies will be blocked permanently.

How to change your name[edit | hide]

IMPORTANT: Do not create the new user account, a global renamer or steward will create it and move all your contributions (pages you have changed) and preferences (settings of your account). If you use multiple accounts those might be blocked for sock puppetry!

Multiple username policy[edit | hide]

There is no rule against having more than one username, but you must not use it for bad reasons. You must not use multiple accounts to vote more than once. You should not make it look like people agree with you by saying things with different accounts.

If you have a good reason that you do not want to edit under one username, that may be allowed (for example if you need to create an extra account that you use on insecure or public computers to avoid risking your main account being hacked or compromised because you used it at a public computer). A user account that is used by another user but is not their main or first account is called a "sockpuppet" and will be permanently blocked.