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The template documentation has been included by the command {{#invoke:Template documentation|doc|...}} using subpage Mbox/doc. The documentation of Template documentation contains more information about using the module and its paramters.

The subpage for template documentation {{Mbox/doc}} does not exist.

Creating the documentation subpage {{Mbox/doc}} for the template {{Mbox}} per link or input box below.

Raw content[edit | hide]

{| class="messagebox {{{classes|}}}" {{#switch: {{{style|}}} | error = style="background-color:lightsalmon"

| [[file:{{{image|{{{img|Information icon.svg}}}}}}|{{{imgsize|60px}}}|{{{imagelocation|left}}}|link=|alt=]] <span style="text-align:left">{{#if:{{{header|}}}|'''{{{header}}}'''}} {{{1|null}}}</span>


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